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Incident Command Center

CTUIR COVID-19 ICT Update | 1.15.2021

The CTUIR DCFS Program invites the community to the planned food distribution this SUNDAY at 11:00AM. If you have questions or inquiries about alternative delivery or pick up options, please reach out to DCFS at 541-429-7300.

No new cases reported for Friday! Yellowhawk posts testing information Mon-Fri. afternoons. Numbers represent the previous day’s totals.

Cases on the Umatilla Indian Reservation have remained low this week but case counts for Umatilla County remain high. Keep your guard up against COVID, even if you've had the virus or the vaccination.

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CTUIR ICT Public Health Order -

On September 24, 2021, the CTUIR Board of Trustees polled and adopted Resolution 21-081, which declared a Public Health Emergency and Engagement of an Incident Command Team. Incident Command Order Yel