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CTUIR COVID-19 ICT Update | 1.29.2021

IF YOU ARE A TRIBAL ELDER AND HAVE NOT HAD YOUR VACCINATION, please call Yellowhawk at (541) 240-8733 and you will be scheduled. Staff have worked hard to ensure every elder and those with underlying conditions were contacted. However, in some cases the clinic could have a wrong phone number listed in your patient file.

Didn’t receive a phone call?

We have tried contacting all elders to schedule their appointments—if you hear of someone who says they weren’t contacted, it is possible that we were unable to reach them because their phone numbers are listed incorrectly in their patient file(s)

  • Encourage them to update their patient contact information with Yellowhawk.

  • Remind them to check their voicemail, if they have it.

Am I eligible to be vaccinated?

To get your COVID-19 vaccine, free of charge, at Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, YOU MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER and be

  • A CTUIR member,

  • Or Yellowhawk-eligible.

How is my vaccination appointment scheduled?

  • You need to call (541) 240-8733 to schedule your appointments.

  • Leave a message indicating that you are calling to schedule your vaccination appointment, speak clearly and state your name and leave a good callback number.

  • When we call you, both of your appointments will be scheduled.

  • Your second vaccination shot is scheduled for approximately 21-days after the first vaccination shot.


  • Arrive on time, and

  • Plan to spend 15-20 minutes in the clinic AFTER your vaccination to be monitored for any potential side effects.

  • If this is your second vaccination appointment, remember to bring the vaccination card you were given at your first appointment.

How many people will be vaccinated?

Our goal is to vaccinate all Yellowhawk-eligible patients and CTUIR community members age 16 and older. The number of people vaccinated each day depends on the number of doses Yellowhawk receives from Indian Health Services. As of January 20, Yellowhawk has received just over 2,050 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Remember, to be fully vaccinated you must have two doses. This means Yellowhawk will fully vaccinate 1,025 people by the end of February.

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