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This week, Umatilla county was moved from "Moderate" to "High Risk" as COVID case numbers continue to escalate.

The Oregon Health Authority reports that Umatilla County is the least vaccinated county in Oregon showing only 23% of its population are at least partially vaccinated.

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center on the other hand has reported it's 43rd consecutive day of no new COVID cases and no referrals of cases from the county.

While the case numbers for the Umatilla Indian Reservation remain low, it is apparent the virus is still active and it is spreading all around us. It it important to remember we as individuals can still transmit this virus. Remember, our children are not vaccinated and we need to continue to uphold our wall of protection: Mask, Social Distance, Hygiene, Vaccination.

Keep up the good work, Nixyaawii!

Here are more specific details on tribal covid case data as collected & reported this week by Yellowhawk.

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