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Incident Command Center

Weather Watch Alert

TUESDAY - JANUARY 12, 2021 3:30PM

CTUIR Executive Management and Public Safety are currently monitoring weather conditions in anticipation of the possibility of flooding or other emergency events this week. Current forecasts from the National Weather Service point to two periods of heavy rain to move through the northern Blue Mountains over the next 18 -24 hours. The first one will be this afternoon through evening with another heavy rain period from about midnight to 4 am. The rain is expected to taper off after 10 am on Wednesday. There is currently a 20-30% chance that the Umatilla River near Gibbon could get to 7 feet or minor flood stage, although the current forecast is for the river to crest at 6 feet Wednesday.

Those who live along or near the Umatilla, it's tributaries or those who may need to use a limited number of access points and bridges in order to return home or evacuate from their home, should closely monitor the situation and observe notices that may be posted by the Tribe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, KCUW Radio, or on the reader boards at the 4 Corners intersection as well as at the July Grounds. Please be aware of these potentially dangerous conditions and plan accordingly by preparing an emergency kit or “go bag” with easily transportable food, water, extra clothing, toiletries, batteries, pet supplies, as well as any necessary medicines or other health care supplies.

We hope that this week’s weather will pass without any major issues, but it is best to be prepared and to use this, if nothing else, as an opportunity to practice our preparation. Thank you for your attention to this and for being safe, practical, and calm in response to any potential emergency. Stay safe and be well.

- Matt Johnson, CTUIR Interim Deputy Executive Director


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