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CTUIR COVID-19 ICT Update | 1.11.2021

Updated: Jan 13

With COVID-19 vaccinations underway, it may be tempting to let our guard down about restrictions currently in place to protect our community.

Post-holiday season, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center and the CTUIR Incident Command Team continue to attentively monitor our local test data reports and surrounding virus trends in order to strategically minimize further impact of COVID to our tribal population.

Travel restrictions, social distancing, mask mandates and all other restrictions/guidelines for the Umatilla Indian Reservation (listed *here* ) remain in effect, even if you have already had the virus or the vaccination.

Please subscribe to this resource site for the latest in guidelines changes, news or updates regarding COVID-19.

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center has reported no new cases for Monday.

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